Sunday, 7 August 2011

5th of August - Friday

Today's class Miss Zu proceed with the Pre-Test of Listening Test.
Yeah, the day of Listening Test is on Saturday.
So, she don't want us to be shocked when answer the test, so this is just a training part for us.
Thanks to her. Well, she's a lecturer.
And yeah, having the listening part all the time is boring ya know? Seriously.
So, Miss Zu created a game for us, which is one group must have 3 person.
So one of them will represent to be in front and the other two will sit and giving information to the person what is the picture on the LCD and that person need to guess.
Yeah, it's kind of funny. And we didn't feel so boring like before.
After that, we continue with the Pre-Test of Listening Test.
That's all!

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