Thursday, 4 August 2011

4th of August - Thursday

Hi. Assalamualaikum.
Today is our first class for this fasting month since Miss Zu had cancelled our class on Tuesday.
So today Miss Zu starts with the listening sessions, since the Listening Test will be held on Saturday.
It's kind of fun, but today I can't focus, maybe because of the problem that I had to face today. 
But still, I can answer all the questions based on the text book by listening to the track played by Miss Zu. 
Okay, this listening test actually tell us to be more alert. We need to focus. Plus, this is a "listen" , not a "hear". There's some different between this two words. Which the "listen" it means we need to focus while "hear" it just a hearing. As example, when you're listening to an announcement, you have to focus because there's an information provided to be taken. Another example is when you're listening to a process, yes you also need to focus because it gives us an instruction about a process of doing something.

So, tomorrow is Friday, there will be a Pre-Test for the Listening Test, since the real test is on Saturday.

Alright, I hope I can totally focus tomorrow and also for the Listening Test Day on Saturday.

That's all.

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