Friday, 29 July 2011

29th of July - Friday

Hello friday!
Today's class we didn't have an acting sessions. In fact, we need to write an essay based on the topic given by Miss Zu. But yeah we're still need to form a group, which is the member of the group must be the same like acting's group. 
Alright, Miss Zu gives a topic to write an essay titled "When Justin Bieber meets Hantu Kak Limah"
Okay okay, just based on the title, I think it's gonna be fun. Haha
Each person for each group need to express their idea to write that essay, which is for my group consists of 6 person and the starting of the story will starts from Farhan's idea and he needs to write his idea based on that topic within 10 minutes.After 10 minutes, he needs to pass the paper to the next person to continue his story and so on until the last person. This is the narrative story, so it could be funny and since this is like a quick writing so we don't have to stop writing, just write whatever is in your mind.
And when it comes to the last person we need to end up the story either it is a happy ending or anything else based on your story. 
Then, one representative for each group need to read the essay in front of the class and I am the one who the first one need to present the essay. 
Oh my god, when I reread all the combination of ideas of that essay, this is funny. Totally happening.
The other group also had such a great and funny essay. 

There he is, Justin Bieber. *Well, everybody knows him.

And here it is. Hantu Kak Limah! Haha
Okayokay, just look at the pictures, can you imagine if they're really meet each other and Kak Limah is in that 'messy' condition? I mean with that 'messy' hair.
What will JB say?
Haha okay whatever.
Okayokay, that's all for today.
Anyway, Should I put that essay which created by my group here?
Okay maybe later?
That's all. Byebye (;

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