Wednesday, 10 August 2011

9th of August - Tuesday

Hello Malaysian.
Today's class, Miss Zu told us that the Speaking Test will be held on this Friday.
So, everybody needs to be ready.
The test will be in a group. 4 person per group.
Alright, for today Miss Zu gives us a chance to train ourselves to talk or speaking in front of others.
We're in acting's group which consists of 6 person. Miss Zu asked us to make a forum. 
It will be an academic sessions, so everyone in the group must have their own point based on the topic given.
For my group, the topic were given to us is about the Cleanliness.
So, we need to decide to make a forum about this problem of cleanliness and the awareness to overcome this problem.
After we're had a discussion, we decided to have a "Special Edition Forum" as our tittle for our forum (:
In a group, there must be a host, and our host is Miss Nurul  played by Nurul Farhana.
And the rest will be act as panels.
Alright, this is so happening when everyone of each group put their name as Prof. Madya, Datuk, Dr. Tan Sri. and etc. Haha well panels is it? So, it's kinda of fun but a little bit boring to me. Well, forum which is more to academic. 
Okay, that's all for now (;

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